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windows 7 key t, a DataGrid control contains one BoundColumn for every field in the data source. You can change that by setting the DataGrid s AutoGenerateColumns property to false and manually creating columns. The following example uses a DataGrid to display the contents of the Pubs database s Titles table the same table depicted in Figure 6 8. But this time, the results are more pleasing to the eye, as you can see in.

tra cool Web service that provides a programmatic interface to a massive database of geographic data known as the Microsoft TerraServer. Don t worry about the details just yet you ll be using TerraService to build a Web service client later in this chapter. But do notice how much you can learn about TerraService simply by viewing the page that ASP. NET generated for it. Web Services and Code Behind You can. , ication doesn t need to preserve state between method calls or share state among clients. For the distributed drawing application at the end of this chapter, however, singleton server activated objects fit the bill nicely because the design of the application requires that all clients connect to a common object instance. For an application that doesn t require all clients to connect to the same object but . windows 7 key, there to extract the user input from the URL or from the body of the HTTP request if the postback was performed with POST instead of GET and generate a new Web page that displays the sum of the inputs next to the button. In other words, if the user enters 2 and 2 and clicks the button, we d like the Web server to respond by returning the following HTML html body form input type text name op1 value 2 input.

e application even if the computational thread is busy. If that thread were a foreground thread, additional logic would be required to shut down immediately if the close box in the window s upper right corner was clicked while the thread was running. As it is, no such logic is required because the background thread terminates automatically. Calling a method from an auxiliary thread is one way to prevent an. windows 7 key, tication, as shown in Figure 10 4. OK the changes, windows 10 professional serial key 32 bit , and then close the configuration manager. Create two user accounts on your Web server for testing purposes. Name the accounts Bob and Alice. It doesn t matter what passwords you assign, windows 8 enterprise online mak key , only that Bob and Alice are valid accounts on the server. Copy General. aspx, windows 7 oem key buy , Salaries. aspx, Bonuses. aspx, windows 7 home premium product key 32 bit , Bonuses. xml, and Web. config to the Basic directory. Change th.

windows 7 key lf and is always up and running on most Web servers. Moreover, IIS is capable of responding to requests from remote clients who want to activate objects on the server using the. NET remoting infrastructure. Using IIS as an activation agent has several advantages You don t have to write a server application to register remotable classes and listen for activation requests IIS is the server application. You c.

andard output happens to point at the time. The statement using System at the beginning of the program is a syntactical simplification. Remember that the FCL contains more than 7,000 members divided into approximately 100 namespaces. Without the using directive, you d have to qualify the reference to Console by prefacing the class name with the namespace name, as shown here System. Console. WriteLine Hello. , restrict access to some of its pages and to personalize content for individual users. It contains three pages General. aspx, which provides general information about the company Salaries. aspx, which lists the salary of the employee who views the page Bonuses. aspx, which lists this year s employee bonuses You ll deploy CorpNet such that anyone in the company can view General. aspx but only selected indivi. 7, windows 7 enterprise serial key 64 bit , s built on the. NET Framework are not, however, required to use Web services. Next to XML Web services, the portion of the framework with the greatest potential to change the world is ASP. NET. The name comes from Active Server Pages ASP, which revolutionized Web programming in the 1990s by providing an easy to use model for dynamically producing HTML content on Web servers using server side script. ASP. N. windows 7 key.

windows 7 key. rencing them on the server means you can update every page that uses them by modifying one source code file. This is precisely how ASP. NET s validation controls work. They emit a modest amount of client side script to the browser, but most of their work is done by functions in a script file named WebUIValidation. js that s stored on the server. Figure 8 26 contains the final version of MessageButton one t. windows 7 key double op2 double RegStack. Pop RegStack. Push op2 op1 DisplayXRegister Reset private void AddButton Click object sender, System. EventArgs e if EntryInProgress InitializeXRegisterFromDisplay if RegStack. Count 2 double op1 double RegStack. Pop double op2 double RegStack. Pop RegStack. Push op2 op1 DisplayXRegister Reset private void MultiplyButton Click object sender, System. EventArgs e if EntryInProgres. 7 key - rm identified in Show s first parameter. If an application uses one context menu to serve an entire form that is, if it displays the same context menu no matter where in the form a right click occurs there s an easier way to display a context menu. Simply create a ContextMenu object and assign it to the form s ContextMenu property, as shown here ContextMenu menu new ContextMenu ContextMenu menu The. NET . windows 7 key, ll So far, there s nothing here that you haven t seen already. But now comes the hard part. When a postback occurs, MyTextBox should update its Text property from the postback data so that a server side script can read the text typed into the control. In other words, let s say the user types Gates into the text box and submits the form back to the server, generating an HTTP POST with the following message .

n string args Make sure a file name and encryption key were entered if args. Length 2 Console. WriteLine Syntax SCRAMBLE filename key return string filename args 0 string key args 1 FileStream stream null try Open the file for reading and writing Figure 3 2 A simple file encryption utility. stream File. Open filename, FileMode. Open, FileAccess. ReadWrite Wrap a reader and writer around the FileStream Bina.

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